M.SOFT in Latin America.



M.SOFT Worldwide, is an organization with over 25 years of experience specialized in the development of information systems solutions ERP, TMS and WMS for Transportation, Logistics, and process MOBILITY, for the entire Industry in general, whose international expansion process began in 2007 with the launch of an ambitious strategic plan, which has been consolidated over time and materializing between several of its action lines in the pursuit of new contracts in several countries such as Portugal, Germany, Romania, Poland, France, Chile and Angola, as well as in opening in Chile on 2012, its first subsidiary, M.SOFT LATAM, as a base of operations and deployment of its activity throughout Latin America.

The commitment of M.SOFT Worldwide by M.SOFT LATAM area, is absolutely strategic and one of the most significant investment axes for the company, having selected Chile the country in which to establish the subsidiary from which to develop and manage deployment in Latin America, both in its most favorable in the political and the socio-economic development. Therefore is in Chile, where they have begun the first additions in Chilean professional staff to be part of the great project plans for M.SOFT LATAM.

In the last 3 decades has been created between Spain and Chile, strong links at the enterprise level, to highlight the innumerable amount of opportunities that can generate through between the two countries, with Chile a great platform for both Latin America expansion to the Pacific-Asia and reciprocally, so to be Spain for the Mediterranean Europe and North Africa. From M.SOFT Worldwide, aware of this fact, we work daily to promote these ways of collaboration and realize the tremendous business opportunities that exist between the parties.

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