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      21/07/2017 | M.SOFT Worldwide at SIL'17.     M.SOFT Worldwide consolidates its presence at SIL 2017, with one more consecutive year, betting on this context of innovation and development of the logistics sector. Being the most important logistics center in the Mediterranean, Barcelona's SIL has become an important springboard for the presentation of the most important business innovations in the supply chain... >>
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      19/07/2017 | TMS (Transportation Management System).     The most advanced TMS systems are considered positive catalysts in the path towards the Resilient Logistics paradigm, allowing logistic to evolve towards their definition of maximum sustainability. Discover the past, present and future of these systems, whose role in organizations, will be the capital in the management of the new supply chain. Watch PDF on... >>
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      22/06/2015 | M.SOFT Worldwide, technology applied to logistics.     M.SOFT company demonstrated at SIL fair its technological solutions applied to the industry for the automation of logistic operations. "The mobilization of the activity, with data capture on the pitch in real time, automating the various processes that traditionally are carryed out in back-office, the automation of warehouse logistics operators with... >>
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      05/06/2014 | M.SOFT Worldwide celebrates 25 years in the SIL, become an Independent Software Vendor.     This year's M.SOFT Worldwide presence in the SIL coincides with the celebration of its 25 year history, enterprise that have become a Global Independent Software Vendor. Its sectoral verticalization requires to bet on the pillars of this segment and the SIL is an international reference for them, the company... >>
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      25/05/2014 | M.SOFT Worldwide: 25 years (1989 - 2014) adding value to Transport and Logistic.     M.SOFT Worldwide is since 1989 an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) with 25 years of dedication to the Transport and Logistics industry, developing and implementing software for comprehensive management operations (ERP / TMS / WMS) and software mobilization processes for all general industry (MOBILITY), offering a scalable... >>
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      19/05/2014 | Our customers: Media Markt entrust its logistics on Alfil and ALC.     The distribution chain of appliances and electronics Media Markt has elected Alfil Logistics and Centralized Logistics Activities (ALC) for the implementation and development of a pioneering experience in logistics. Know more about on... >>
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      14/04/2014 | CHILE: Tiex Group selects M.SOFT management system in its commitment to excellence.     The Management of companies is increasingly aware of the importance of new technologies plays in managing your business. On the contribution made by them will be based, in large part, that its evolution be able to adapt to the needs demanded by the market and therefore make them more competitive differentiating... >>
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      28/10/2013 | M.SOFT in Latin America.     M.SOFT Worldwide, is an organization with over 25 years of experience specialized in the development of information systems solutions ERP, TMS and WMS for Transportation, Logistics, and process MOBILITY, for the entire Industry in general, whose international expansion process began in 2007 with the launch of an ambitious strategic plan, which has been consolidated over... >>
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      29/06/2013 | The multinational naGrup in its commitment to excellence implanted successfully M.SOFT management system.   NaGRUP Group, with offices in the Principality of Andorra, Spain and France, has always based its growth from the beginning and throughout the last 50 years, in specialization and meeting the expectations of its customers, ensuring the highest quality standards in the field of transport,... >>
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      21/06/2013 | M.SOFT Worldwide: a veteran in the fair with innovative solutions.     M.Soft Worldwide company has been, once again, true to his appointment at SIL. With over 24 years of industry experience, is fully aware of the requirements demanded by the industry today and is aware that offering the best price, is no longer the only value added by the shippers, who opt for when choosing a logistics service... >>
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