Integrated Management Systems Solutions (ERP) to provide a global coverage for the entire business operations of the Logistic Service Providers.

In a market as competitive and complex as today, the combination of the improvement objectives in time, quality and costs of logistics services provider, charges a more vital role than ever if possible, so that the adoption of technologies that optimize its procedures to achieve those objectives, becomes one of survival pathways, differentiation and success key factor for organizations in transportation and logistics sector.

From M.SOFT Worldwide, aware of this need and committed to it resolution, we are for over 25 years on constantly innovation and investing in developing the best solutions for Information Systems that allow you to make your strategic goals an accomplished reality.

So the result of this need, from our ERP Division for Logistics Services Provider, we offer MYMSOFTERP, the suite that will cover comprehensively all your technology needs to cover your operations, providing reach among others, the goals:

  • Homogenization of processes on all group companies
  • Structuring information oriented on the enrichment of management and statistical reporting
  • Integration of all functional areas
  • Uniqueness and on-line availability of information
  • Homogenization on customer applications
  • Integration with third parties: customers, suppliers or correspondents
  • Scalability: Functional Growth (new IT or new procedures definition), Organizational Growth (new owner sites or aggregate) or Business Growth (new lines of business or services,...)
  • Aligning Information Systems with current market trends, making easy the corrective and developed maintenance of the sames
  • Delivery times reduction in launching new projects in the Organization and Information Systems Department
  • Operational synergies in adding new functionalities to the system and reduce costs because of the outsourced development of the same


Check the data sheet MYMSOFTERP form ERP division



Multigroup, multicompany, multicentre, multilanguage, multicurrency, multicountry, multi...


From transportation and storage operations, Commercial and Quality, to Administration, Fleet or Control Management...


Parcel, Courier, Full Load, Groupage, Distribution, Container, Freight, Logistics Operator…

Global coverage of activity

Multimodal transport, national and international, Cross-dock storage and room or handling storage

Integrating the latest technologies

RF, P2V, Visibility, GPS, Mobility...

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