MYMSOFTERP provide several solutions to meet the needs of any logistics service provider. We offer more than 4 business and analysis support solutions, we detail briefly:


Ver ficha de Data Warehouse


BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: A high-level tool for taking decisions.

Main features

  1. High-level analysis tool aimed to middle managers and senior officials of the company.
  2. Specifically designed for the development by the customer for the analysis tools, necessary for its own management.
  3. Fully integrated with standard office software for numerical analysis: microsoft, excel.
  4. No specific knowledge to manage spreadsheets are required.
  5. Possibility to save queries for later update the data in real time.



Ver ficha de M-SCAN


VIRTUAL STORE IMAGE: Scanning all kinds of conforming and POD's and its automatic inclusion by OCR to the system.

Main features

  1. Store generic documents away and delivery confirming easily and safely, thereby saving time and money.
  2. Automatic documents recognition without added manual labour.
  3. Chaotic store away based on boxes and bundles system that will makes easier both the daily management and the subsequent location of an original.
  4. It runs the digital files copies as if they were originals: reprints, emailing, faxing.
  5. Maximum information from scanned elements for the whole organization.



Ver ficha de Análisis Financiero


FINANCIAL AND RATIOS ANALYSIS: Tool for annual budgets preparation, analytical exploitation, ratios evolution, balances analysis, etc.

Main features

  1. Especially conceived and designed tool for the executive and administrative officials of the carrier or logistics operator.
  2. Objective analysis of the solvency, stability, liquidity, leverage, profitability and business activity degree, mainly.
  3. Import and export movements to excel of the accountant diary for its treatment.
  4. Graphic studies of corporate analysis, thanks to the integrated in Data Warehouse module.
  5. Linkable with third party applications integrating the data automatically to MYMSOFTERP solution.



Ver ficha de Gestión Comercial


BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Tool for commercial managing with reports and statistics evolution.

Main features

  1. Indispensable tool for large corporate groups that must manage a wide sales force.
  2. You can create a security level to limit access from other commercial to the assigned customer.
  3. Competitors control of the commercial assignement, according the section to which the carrier belongs.
  4. Access to offers query with full list of efforts and export to slate of commercial management.
  5. Commercial statistics query with multiple filters to their marking.

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