MYMSOFTERP provide several solutions to meet the needs of any logistics service provider. We offer more than 4 third relationship solutions, we detail briefly:


Ver ficha de Gestión de comunicados


OPERATIONAL COMMUNICATES MANAGEMENT: Tool for communicates, managing for the knowledge of the entire logistics chain.

Main features

  1. Sending automated communicates in unattended mode, to unburden the user from repetitive actions.
  2. Can be predefined a contact person, its exclusive mail or fax, as well as the means of transmission: via fax, e-mail, diskette, listing...
  3. Filters allows to limit by customer, type of communicate, medium, period, service, section, zone...
  4. Automatic periodic submissions that reviews for the specified time, the existence of new communicates to send.
  5. The system displays date and time sent, existence or not about errors in sending, or the operating process from which was sent.



Ver ficha de EDI


ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE: Unattended data exchange with collaborators from different technology platforms.

Main features

  1. The agent automatically processes the protocols, enabled from the beggining, to work in unattended mode.
  2. Visibility of last shipments with date and time, number of shipments, and warnings and errors detection with access to query.
  3. Generation and sending of automatic warning communicates to the designated user by receiving/sending EDI event.
  4. EDI can handle three file structures: one simple, single combined, headers/lines.
  5. Control over references duplication with option to the direct creation of expedition/service whether or not in MYMSOFTERP.



Ver ficha de E-business


INTERACTIVE WEB: Visibility system through web both B2B and B2C.

Main features

  1. Access to private and customized information in real time without binding the consultant to a specific place.
  2. Publication of digitized documents for consultation and routine check of services and other.
  3. New services "on-line" registration from any geographic point and at the most appropriate strip-time to the applicant.
  4. Collection, integration and processing of information in several formats for development under Windows environment.
  5. Transmission and status service update from the three players involved in the process.



Ver ficha de Etiquetado en casa de cliente


LABELING AT CUSTOMER HOME: Autonomous traceability and visibility goods system.

Main features

  1. System able to advance the information provided by the customer, dodge forecasting the "bottlenecks" of other solutions.
  2. It allows to integrate different orders from other ERP customer systems, to identify the information, debug it and transmit it.
  3. SAT achieves to minimize human intervention, generally prone to error, setting automation according to corporate needs.
  4. Since the beginning of the supply chain to "last mile" delivery at the final customer, a comprehensive monitoring is achieved.
  5. Prediction algorithms based on the prior information, accelerates the Logistic Operator on taken decisions.

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