MYMSOFTERP provide several solutions to meet the needs of any logistics service provider. We offer more than 10 transport solutions, we detail briefly:


Ver ficha de Consolidados


PARCEL, DISTRIBUTION, FORWARDING: Managing transport grouping goods.

Main features

  1. Capillary distribution management for pick-ups, deliveries, freelancers and agencies settlements.
  2. Consolidated management in real-time based on specific demand.
  3. High identification and traceability in the total supply chain from the same origin to delivery at customer's facilities.
  4. Control systems for loads and unloads by barcode in both origin and possible spaces removed.
  5. The settlement of cash payments are easy to carry out previously or after.



Ver ficha de Carga Completa


TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT: Managing transport of full load and in-line load and unload.

Main features

  1. Strict control of the fleet state, allowing to evaluate for both independently brands, models or groups.
  2. It allows to find out the most productive elements for the business and optimize its allocation possible according to a possible service.
  3. Automatic management on sending delivery and incidence releases to customer, by email or fax. Graphical location of available vehicles.
  4. Automation systems both assignment and liquidation with the drivers.
  5. Integration with the leading market providers of geolocation systems and monitoring.



Ver ficha de Distribución Local


LOCAL DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT: Control management tool for load and unload untill the last mile.

Main features

  1. Effective module for the management control of loads and unloads as far as the last mile.
  2. Assignment of vehicle and dealer to a distribution sheet, controlling customized shedules: vacation, holidays, etc.
  3. Capillary distribution management via barcode, either through gun, scanner or handly.
  4. Allows to measure the dealer productivity and to include direct costs with access to workshop orders to relate to fleet costs.
  5. Owning the CSI module it allows fleet control and the latest status of deliverymen and ticking through mobile (Mobility).



Ver ficha de C.S.I.


INTERACTIVE AND MONITORING CONTROL: Fleet management and the latest status of deliverymen and ticking through mobile (Mobility).

Main features

  1. Speeding up loads adjudication: traffic supervisor will find out in seconds, the nearest vehicle with enough load capacity.
  2. Optimize incidence resolution: real-time information to minimize reaction times of the logistics operator against a specific demand.
  3. Record the actual track: possibility of contrasting time of delivery and goods collection between each destination and optimization route standards.
  4. Visibility date and time of delivery in real time: no waiting, through the web, knowing position and delivery status.
  5. Speeding response: Logistic Operator will assign the nearest haulier to the required facilities.



Ver ficha de M-SMS


SENDING SMS (SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE): Integrated communication sending service through SMS both to drivers for "en route" collected assignment, and third parties in general.

Main features

  1. Sending SMS to any mobile from the application, regardless of communications provider, both to sender and receiver.
  2. It may send a notification with basic information about the different services assigned to the driver.
  3. There's an historic enquiry panel of sended SMS with different filtering levels, etc.
  4. As simple as having a bluetooth mobile or by USB connection to the server.
  5. From the warning module, you can also set for automatic SMS sending in addition to via fax or mail.



Ver ficha de Control de Cargas


IDENTIFICATION AND CHARGES CONTROL: Tool for identification and loading control, storage and unloading goods in vehicle or container.

Main features

  1. Control for incompatibilities in checking-up, load and unload of goods in real time.
  2. Control in the daily operations of shortage and leftovers in stock, vehicle or container.
  3. Available to work with radio-frequency terminals both text and graphic mode either.
  4. Choice of two loading modalities as needed, either by full shipping or mixed shipping.
  5. Adaptable on differentiated operatives both loading dock and parcel, by type of store.



Ver ficha de Control de Flota


FLEET CONTROL: Managing transportation with grouping goods.

Main features

  1. Fleet costs control and item profitability from the group, comparing it against the ideal vehicle.
  2. Repair control, maintenance of stocks of spare parts, fuel tanks control...
  3. Link with GPS systems to capture relevant data as to costs.
  4. Control of tire, mounting, footprint and wear details thereof.
  5. Costing of element by kilometer for the correct allocation of the same in the services performed.



Ver ficha de Liquidación Conductor


DRIVER'S SETTLEMENT: Integrated management system to driver's settlement for operational improvement of logistics operator.

Main features

  1. Management drivers settlement system of imprest and expenses in the daily distribution management.
  2. Allows to settle the driver or companion, or by tractor or trailer expenses.
  3. Full control over the imprest delivery and settlement, thereof with copy print to confirming for driver.
  4. Ability to export to excel as a total or partial selection, for further processing and analysis.
  5. High reliability and speed in the query, enlargement and visualization of settlements.



Ver ficha de M-GIS


GPS LINK / CARTOGRAPHY: Fleet control tool integrated with cartography and GPS for traffic operators.

Main features

  1. Common repository of unimportant information from the device and/or GPS provider in the market.
  2. Save time and decrease errors in calculations itineraries and location addresses of loading/unloading to feed on the information system.
  3. Powerful brand management tool integrable with PDI's freely distributed as petrol stations, workshops, radar...
  4. Link to MYMSOFTERP web module to offer customers the received and treated information.
  5. Using MapPoint as base cartography, highly extended, and low purchase cost.



Ver ficha de Corresponsales


CORRESPONDENT'S SETTLEMENT: Advanced correspondent's settlement management system tailored to the needs of the global market.

Main features

  1. Advanced correspondent's settlement management system tailored to the needs of the global market.
  2. May settle in several ways including international settlements as partage and ameta.
  3. Possibility of cost allocation with charges to third parties, generating administrative expeditions.
  4. The system can include charges or credits made ​​on expeditions already settled above.
  5. High reliability and speed in the query, and settlement visualization.

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