Mobilization Process Solutions (MOBILITY) to provide global coverage and relocated to the operative of any industry with the use of applications on smartphones and tablets.

At present, and even in spite of the traditional information systems ERP, TMS and WMS, still remain a pillar to implement by many companies, the technology doesn't stop its progress and urges us to continue applying it to full speed as shift lever in our organizations.

The information exchanged between the different actors in the supply chain, the more detailed, automatically and in real-time captured are more valuable and better positioned companies to improve their competitive advantage in the market.

In this reality as we are in, the tools designed to capture and field use, storage, processing and distribution of information associated with the different operational processes and organizations management, took a special role and interest and become one of the largest and most precious asset value contribution.

The tools we have today, mainly based on developments on Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets or industrial PDA's, working off-line and replicating with central management systems as well as coverage is available (3G or WI-FI) allow us to manage as a mobile way different processes from capillary distribution, management of long-distance transport or warehouse control processes, business processes, quality, maintenance or management control by management.

In this new reality, makes a difference in the market XONE technological alliance (environment development for mobile applications multiplatform: Android, iOS, WM, BlackBerry, ...) and M.SOFT Worldwide (Mobility applications for all industry, as well as ERP, TMS and WMS), with whom companies can count on to make every day more competitive your organizations.

Request a visit from our team to your facilities, where you can discover how M.SOFT Worldwide and our mobility solutions platform, can help you on improving your processes and differentiate.

Check the data sheet MYMSOFTERP form Mobility division



Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Windows Phone,…

Off-line mode with reply and GIS

Allows working off-line and reply data when coverage 3G/WIFI is available, as well as integrate mapping systems


Available standard modules by industry, adapted to every need, or either by developing tailor-made for each client

Integrated with ERP's

Native integrations with M.SOFT Worldwide or private suite for each customer's system, through web portals or bespoke links

Integrating the latest technologies

XOne technology-based best-in-class in its segment

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