Transportation Management Solutions (TMS) and Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS), to support cover Manufacturers and Distributors logistic process.

The current supply chain (SC) and its management tools, are conditioned by a new vision in which the "Chains" become collaborative "Networks", the information flow requires to be integrated and where traceability vision evolves into a full visibility concept as a paradigm.

But even in spite of this new reality context marked by such ambitious requirements, the characteristics that define the true situation of the SC are still far enough from the objectives, as detailed below with some examples:

  • Companies without precise control about the situation of the goods along the different operators involved in a shipment
  • High number of players in the SC with low ability control that increases the potential for significant incidences
  • Increase in outsourcing of logistic services to improve operational efficiency, but without establishing clear mechanisms that allow to keep the visibility on
  • Increase in communication delay, which affects higher lead times and deteriorating quality of information

So in this context because of difficulties on SC Management, technological solutions becomes indispensable to manage the Transportation logistics (TMS) and Warehouse (WMS) processes, such as M.SOFT Worldwide that with a decades long journey of helping hundreds of companies around the world, allows to reach among others the following objectives:

  • Monitoring the flow and know stock of goods from origin to final destination in real-time
  • Receive instant information faced to the incidencies that cause changes to goods delivery date
  • Improving the management and control of information, documents and contracts at the same time the goods entity changes and cross frontiers
  • Analyze the needs of provided services by the carriers and logistics agents, sharing forecast information for better planning and resources allocation
  • Having a solid knowledge base for negotiating deals and associated discounts
  • Decrease goods rotation periods, increasing its circulation and handling capacity

Let us show you how we can add value to your business, improving the management of logistics operations with our solutions TMS/WMS.

Check the data sheet MYMSOFTERP form TMS/WMS division



Multivendor, automatic assignment of carriers and electronic delivery of assignments, cost calculation, creation of self invoices, import invoices and reconciliation, incidence control, web access for consultation and delivery confirmations, event management, GPS integration, production and quality KPI.


Multiwarehouse, multiclient stock, RF management, voice, real-time stock, automatic location's engine, traceability, batch control, expiry dates, chemical customs warehousing management, EDI engine, web visibility, quality control, blockades, inverse logistic, demand management,...

Integrating the latest technologies

RF, Voice, Visibility, GPS, Mobility...

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