M.Soft Worldwide and Bytemaster integrate technologies to offer a global logistics solution

M.Soft Worldwide and Bytemaster integrate technologies to offer a global logistics solution

The technology company Bytemaster and the Business Information Systems for Transport and Logistics company M.Soft Worldwide, have agreed a collaboration framework in which they will integrate and enhance the solutions of both companies for the logistics market.

Their tools will be integrated to offer a global solution that will extend the complementary business areas of their respective solutions: from freight forwarding and customs services, to a wide range of land transport and warehousing services, thus covering all areas of logistics as a key element for differentiation in the supply chain.

The alliance presents the market with a scenario with a global offer that has two parts, on the one hand the economic offer, unifying prices for a complete solution. And most importantly, the technical integration to cover all the needs of the sector, at a time when collaboration and alliance between the different actors in the world of business management systems is more necessary than ever.

In this way, the combined solution "will become the most complete and technologically advanced solution on the market", they said.they said.

This alliance will also strengthen and unify the cloud offerings of both companies.

Bytemaster and M.Soft Worldwide state that in today's market there is no ERP software that covers all the needs of the logistics sector and although there are several solutions, there is no real connectivity between them, creating disconnected data environments that negatively impact productivity and efficiency of operations.

"Our goal through this collaboration is not only to do well, but to do even better on an ongoing basis," says Xavier Camps, CEO of Bytemaster.says Bytemaster CEO Xavier Camps.

"With this alliance, the future is today, and the potential for competitive differentiation of companies with the best combined technology for logistics as a lever for change, a reality that the market will be able to access from now on", explains Vicente Mompeó, CEO of M.SOFT Worldwide, M.SOFT Worldwide.explains Vicente Mompeó, CEO of M.SOFT Worldwide.

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