M.SOFT Webinars

We present the Webinars that M.SOFT Worldwide will give during the first semester of 2023, with access to the agenda and calendar according to subjects and days respectively, differentiated by morning and afternoon.

General Purpose

  • Management of users, access to centers and user profiles
  • Exports to Excel with templates
  • Invoice export by e-mail
  • Alarm management and configuration possibilities
  • Risk management, configuration of your alarms and blocking of customers
  • Incident management I
  • Incident management II
  • Communication management
  • Workshop management (purchases, transfers and stock of items)
  • Vehicle overhaul management and workshop order templates
  • Cost analysis: cost element cost
  • Document archiving, type management, document permissions, etc.
  • EDI
  • Rates by date validity
  • Management of rate increases
  • New COREX queries
  • Amending amounts and rebillings

TMS - Transportation

  • Transportation event management
  • CRD - general concepts
  • CRD - transit and partner management
  • Tire management
  • Management of reimbursements
  • Conformance management
  • ADR management in transportation
  • Reservation and dock management (Yard Manager)
  • Route optimization
  • Transport control and monitoring tower
  • Address standardization and georeferencing
  • Application of the Fuel Surcharge

WMS - Warehouse

  • Layout creation
  • Location engine configuration
  • Configuration of item cards and their particularities
  • Drive-in and location management with funds
  • Bonded warehouse management in WMS
  • ADR/APQ Management
  • Creation and configuration of RF warehouse users
  • Warehouse count inventory management
  • Control of "wood" items
  • How to set up a picking and replenishment circuit
  • Wave management
  • RF resource activity log


  • Collection claim management
  • Electronic reconciliation
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Payroll management
  • Collection, payment and clearing management
  • Treasury management and budgeting
  • Fixed asset management


  • Basic functionalities
  • Integrated functionalities


  • Web configuration


This calendar may be subject to possible changes, which will be notified in due time.