Road Monitor

A graphic tool that is very useful for any traffic department, as it allows you to locate in real time where any vehicle is and, based on previously established intermediate points, warn you by means of a voice announcement of the arrival forecast, indicating whether the vehicle will arrive on time or whether there will be a delay, which can be recovered or not, and how this would affect the rest of the operation.
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Yard Management

Solution for the efficient management of the routing and management of the loading and unloading docks, and that according to the productive capacity of the logistic center allows to calculate and make the previous reservation of docks by the transport units. In the same way, it allows operators to plan arrivals and departures to logistics yards, assigning parking and quickly locating any vehicle automatically with a record of all movements that occur.
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Route optimization

In M.SOFT Worldwide we carry out optimization projects based on artificial intelligence. The process of deciding the most optimal route for each vehicle, maximizing the number of deliveries and collections, is a repetitive process that can be automated, saving time and finding solutions that minimize costs, among many other criteria.
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Cartography of Cercalia

With the permanent vocation of always offering the best solutions to our customers, M.SOFT Worldwide has recently carried out a special negotiation with CERCALIA, a company developing a worldwide cartography with a wide and complete functionality specialized in the world of transport and logistics, so that we can offer all our customers preferential prices and conditions.
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