System for the efficient management of transport

Main features

  • Efficient management of any transport operation, multimodal, national and international.
  • Planning, monitoring and resource allocation.
  • Automatic generation, analysis and control of fleet costs
  • Obtaining all types of KPI's (indicators) of production, quality and business profitability.
  • Automation of tasks, reduction of errors and simplification of administrative processes

Additional functionalities

  • Automatic assignment of carriers by cost, area and type of goods.
  • Automatic reconciliation of vendor invoices / transport vendor self-bills
  • Automatic generation of driver surrenders for own fleet.
  • Automatic generation of transport sales.
  • Control of service-related incidents.
  • Management of communications to recipients (conformities, arrival notices, incidents,...)
  • Direct allocation and tendering of transport.
  • Collaborative driver management for own fleet: redemption history, advances,...
  • Collaborative supplier management: delivery commitments
  • Fleet control and maintenance workshop.
  • Event management, traceability and visibility of all logistics activity.
  • Web access to reception points to confirm deliveries, dates/times, incidents...
  • Integration with GPS/Cartography, Mobility, Radio Frequency,...