Technology Consulting

Our team of consultants, professional experts in your business and with a wide experience, will always offer you the best answer to your operational needs, advising you on the improvement of all your circuits and procedures.


Our proven implementation methodology, along with a comprehensive quality plan and experience, manages to minimize the time of implementation of projects at all times ensuring their success.


Our philosophy includes that of always giving the client the greatest possible autonomy, allowing them to always get the most out of using our Solutions. To this end, training is a key factor that we make available to our clients from the very first moment and throughout the project's life cycle.

IT Infrastructure / SAAS (Cloud)

Based on the needs of your project, whatever they are, we can take care of all the Technological Infrastructure, offering you both the design of the most suitable Architecture and the necessary Storage so that you only have to worry about getting the most out of our Solutions.

M.SOFT Cloud Services

Our managed Cloud services, both in dedicated and shared Hosting mode, will allow you to benefit from the countless advantages of moving your IT infrastructure to the Cloud. At M.SOFT Worldwide we provide you with tools and flexibility in resources that grow at the same pace as your company.

By generating solutions and architectures tailored to your business, the main advantages quickly translate into benefits for your company:

  • Significant cost savings by benefiting from economies of scale.
  • Core Software Administration by M.SOFT Worldwide
  • Platform monitoring and proactive problem solving.
  • Increased security.
  • Scalability and easy adaptation of the Solution to contract new resources.


  • Level 2 Help Desk Support: our expert Customer Service team will solve any specific doubt or incident by phone or by email.
  • We provide you with a Web Tool that will allow you to register and track all your interaction with M.SOFT Worldwide outside regular office hours.
  • Guaranteed corrective maintenance of all our Solutions.

Evolving support

  • Development of evolutionary particularities necessary for the operational improvement of our clients.
  • Implementation of new technological options and functionalities to allow you to continue to advance and grow in your business.