Warehouse Management System

Main features

  • Management of multi-site, multi-customer and multi-reference warehouses.
  • Powerful automatic location management.
  • Total management of operations directed by Radio Frequency, RFID, Voice,...
  • Stock and traceability control (expiry date, batch and SSCC)
  • Obtaining KPI's (Indicators) of production, quality and business profitability

Additional functionalities

  • Customs Warehouse Management.
  • Management of Dangerous Goods (ADR/APQ)
  • Inventory management.
  • Order preparation.
  • Analysis of the demand.
  • Management of location units (consumption of pallets, containers, drums, cages,...)
  • Control of losses, internal sales and transformations.
  • Quality and incident management in the dock and the warehouse itself.
  • Collaborative management with clients: visibility of operations via the Web.
  • EDI integration engine.
  • Automation of the sending of communications and unassisted notification of events (uploads, downloads, delays, incidents,...)
  • Control of quality circuits and analysis of the impact on non-quality costs.
  • Archiving, scanning and document management (reduction of the paper circuit and facilitator for sharing)