Process Mobilization System

Main features

  • Mobilization of all processes related to Transport and Logistics for any industry.
  • Multi-platform solution: Android and IOS.
  • Off-line mode: Allows you to work offline and replicate data when you find coverage. 
  • Integrated with your ERP: Any scores related to operations are recorded and replicated in the ERP.
  • Allows you to work with your own fleet and/or third parties.

Additional functionalities

  • Dock Quality application that greatly facilitates the creation of incidents in the Warehouse itself, with the advantage of doing so at the place and time where the problems occur and with the possibility of documenting them instantly.
  • Contracting Mobility application specially designed for the management of a transport service auction via Smartphone or Tablet.
  • e-delivery Mobility application designed specifically for the management of operations directly related to distribution and last mile delivery.