At M.SOFT we don't stop!

At M.SOFT we don't stop!

At M.SOFT Worldwide we don't stop!
At M.SOFT Worldwide we don't stop!

In line with our vocation to provide the market with the best solutions for the efficient management of Transport and Logistics, at M.SOFT we have been incorporating to our ERP/TMS/WMS/MOBILITY Product Suite some solutions that, due to their special relevance and added value, are worth being put under the spotlight and known in greater detail. Therefore, we will list them in this first edition of our new Newsletter, and we will go deeper into each one of them in the same way that we will extend them with other new ones in future editions.

In the section on Collaborative Management with Carriers and Drivers, we have launched the new web module to manage private tenders or direct service assignments to third parties, consult advances and settlements for drivers of our own fleet or track services by correspondents.

In addition to this, the Freight Exchange Integration module has been launched, which is now the first available Teleroute module.

In the administrative area, the Import and Reconciliation of Costs and Sales solution allows companies to import their suppliers' invoices and their customers' self-bills, so that they can later carry out their electronic reconciliation in a fully automatic way, which means both a saving in hours of manual review and a consequent reduction in errors and costs.

Another outstanding and recently developed solution is the CRM module, a tool that is fully integrated with the M.SOFT Suite, which will allow you to better manage your sales and communication with all your customers, with functionalities for controlling the pipeline or the management carried out by the sales force, both your own and subcontracted, to whom you can also give access, or for consultation and advanced statistics with graphic dashboards.

We have also recently added to the Mobility solution its new version of Great Market for third party and autonomous transporters, which, unlike its predecessor, the version of Transport, more oriented to own or dedicated fleet, which is licensed per device, this one, even with a smaller number of functionalities, is licensed exclusively per Server with no more limitation in the use of all the devices that are required, than the ones merely imposed by the technology itself. In both modalities, Transport or Large Market, any operation carried out from the mobile device, such as tapping a load or giving an incident as an altar, will be integrated and reflected in real time on the rest of the M.SOFT solution suite.

Other solutions in the Mobility section have also been developed, such as Apps for Quality Control in docks, or Cross-dock in environments without RF infrastructure, or Workshop control for own maintenance operations, and will continue to be developed in the future, with the incorporation in 2018, of the eDelivery App, an application for the large market oriented to the public and companies in general, in which transport services can be registered and the tracking of these requested services can be done, oriented mainly to the world of e-commerce and home delivery.

In the support section for Fleet Control, we highlight the new functionalities and cartography (Cercalia, PTV, Google, OpenStreetMap) added to the MGIS tool, a solution specially designed for traffic operators to whom it provides practical help in the calculation of routes and kilometres, messaging, location, map display, while allowing them total and efficient control of their own fleet or that of third parties, integrated with GPS devices on board the vehicles, or with mobile devices with our Mobility Apps.

In the same way and related to traffic management, we will launch in 2018 a new module, Road Monitor, a tool that will become the best ally of your traffic department, allowing to interact proactively with your fleet in motion, through calls sent to the mobile devices of drivers who use our Apps, when an event has ceased to be reported by them, or automatically recalculating in real time and by virtue of traffic status, the estimated times of arrival (ETAs) of each crossing point of the routes in progress.

Another area in which we have made progress is in the field of Load and Route Optimization, now embedded in our solutions thanks to the collaboration with the company Newronia, a spin-off of the University, a leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence, which allows us to expand our portfolio of features with this type of technology of maximum utility and rapid return, currently so much in demand but still not widespread in the market to date.

Likewise, in order to complement and improve our solutions, we have also worked in the area of Alliances, reaching important agreements with leading companies in their category, such as Sage, which will allow us to strengthen our offer in the accounting and financial area; or Vocollect, a company specialized in voice technology, which currently complements our warehouse management solution, automating data capture tasks mainly in voice picking processes at present, and evolving towards a hands-free warehouse in the future.

We will keep you informed of all these and new solutions in detail in future editions of our Newsletter, and of course we remain at your disposal to provide you with any further information you may require.

In M.SOFT we continue and will continue to innovate as one of our main signs of identity, anticipating our time, bringing new and better solutions to the market every day, which help our customers grow, differentiate themselves from their competitors, diversify their businesses and be more efficient in all their processes related to Transport and Storage Logistics operations.

In short, we want to be always by your side, providing value to all those companies that, like you, have a clear vocation for leadership, supporting them in achieving their goals and objectives, always with the most advanced technology as a lever for change and a driving force.