The new M.SOFT newsletter and satisfaction survey is born

The new M.SOFT newsletter and satisfaction survey is born

New information channels from M.SOFT Worldwide

In order to keep both existing and potential customers informed about our Solutions and the latest news of interest related to the Logistics and Transport sector, we are pleased to inform you that the new newsletter of M.SOFT Worldwide is born.

With interesting contents, this new communication support that we open with you will arrive punctually and regularly to your email every four months from this same month of October.

It will also be one of the channels through which you will learn more about our latest news and upcoming launches that we are working on, always with the aim of keeping you at the forefront of technology applied to transport and storage logistics operations.

In the same way, being our maxim to improve the relationship and experience of our customers in the use of our products and services, in the coming weeks they will also receive a satisfaction survey, which was born with the main objective of listening to their voice, know their needs, learn from them and transmit them to the different business areas of M.SOFT Worldwide to address them correctly and make them our priority.

With the excitement that the launch of these new communication tools produces, we invite you to inform, debate, share, suggest and interact with us, which will allow us not only to continue improving but also to be your best trusted technological partner.